The Microlight School Ltd

Fisherwick Flying Club,
Fisherwick Airfield, Fisherwick Road,
Fisherwick, Staffs WS13 8PS

Tel: 07951 635207
Michael Shea

Trial Flights

It's simple! Ring us now and arrange a trial lesson. We're open all week, all year round and we are always happy to welcome visitors.


You will probably have a lot of questions to ask about microlights and microlight flying, so go to our FAQs page and find out more.

Our Instructors

Whether you are interested in learning to fly or want to buy an experience flight, our microlight instructors will make you very welcome.

Our Location

Our airfield is situated close to Fisherwick, near Lichfield in Staffordshire, just off the A513 Tamworth Road. We're open all year round so why not pop in for an informal chat with us?

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What is Microlighting?

In a word, microlighting is freedom. Freedom to escape from the mundane routine of life on Terra Firma and from the confines of conventional flying. Microlights do not need the facilities that that large aeroplanes demand. Any fair-sized field can become your aerodrome and your garage can be your hangar. Your local garage is your fuel supply and you are at liberty to be your own mechanic.

In the air, the views are out of this world. Skimming past the clouds, flying high, swooping down, simply unwinding and watching the world go by. The sense of freedom is complete; you become part of the machine.

Give us a call!

It's simple! Ring us now and arrange a trial lesson, or to ensure that an instructor is free for a chat. The school is open seven days a week, though there is normally no flying on a Monday. It is always advisable to phone before visiting the airfield.

Microlighting is amongst the most affordable forms of aviation, and has made the pleasures of flying available to a wide range of people. Our school can make the pleasures of microlighting available to you.