Useful Links

Scheduler for booking lessons

If you are a student or one of our regular pilots, contact us for a username/password so you can book your own lessons/flights. For experience flights and people who only fly with us occasionally, we will book your flights for you.


British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA). The body which governs and supports microlight pilots in the UK.

The Skyway Code. Like the highway code… but for aeroplanes. A user-friendly guide to the rules of the air. Available in a printable version, or one with links meant to be used on a screen. You can also buy real paper copies from Pooley’s or AFE Online.

CAA Medical

Information on medical requirements for flying different types of aircraft.

CAA Portal – go here to make your medical declaration.

Information on using the CAA portal for making your medical declaration.

If you will be making your first medical declaration via the CAA “Cellma” portal, remember that first you have to register for Cellma – which takes several days – and only then can you make your declaration. So do not wait until you need it, or until your previous declaration has run out.

You will need various documents and pieces of information to register. See here for details.

If you are having problems, contact Jen (Desk Pilot – who will see if she can sort you out.


Useful sites/apps for checking the weather before flying include…

MetOffice Aviation. This is the main site and source of official aviation weather information in the UK. As a microlight pilot, you will not need the paid version – the free offering is quite enough. You will need to register; although the form has a space for pilot licence number, you can leave this blank if you haven’t got your licence yet.

XCWeather. A nice basic, clear forecast designed for aviators. Lots of microlight pilots use this site.

Windy. A more complex weather site, with an accompanying app. The free version is very good; the premium version is more frequently updated and includes some extra functionality. It has the advantage that you can see a graphical representation of the cloud coverage from “sideways on”, and you can compare weather forecast models.

UAVForecast. Designed for drone pilots. You can set your own personal weather maxima/minima, and easily see which bits of the forecast are the ones you like the least.