Visiting Pilots

PPR essential (07951 635207)


  • 18/36: 525m x 20m, grass.
  • 06/24: 525m x 20m, grass.

Joining Instructions

We have an active flying school and students may be flying non-standard circuits.

Please make blind calls on SafetyCom: 135.480

Local and circuit traffic may be non-radio.

  • Airfield elevation: 200 ft AMSL
  • Standard overhead join; joining height is 1500ft QNH (1300 ft QFE)
  • Circuit height is 800 ft AAL. Runways 36 and 24 RH, and 06 and 18 LH.
  • Avoid overflying local villages and farm buildings/cottages.
  • Landing fee: none.
  • Hot drinks available.
  • Hangarage may be available by prior arrangement only.
  • Fuel (MOGAS only) may be available by prior arrangement only.
Fisherwick Airfield Circuits