Are there any age and weight restrictions for pilots?

Pilots must be at least 14 years old for lessons to count towards a licence, 16 years old to go solo and 17 years old to gain a licence.

Are there any height and weight restrictions for pilots?

Pilots must weigh no more than 110kg to fly in one of our flex-wings and no more than 120kg to fly in fixed-wing aircraft (SkyRanger).

Our tallest fixed-wing student so far is 6’5″; he folds into our SkyRanger quite comfortably. We have not yet found a maximum height for the flexwings, but 6’2″ is certainly fine, and probably several inches taller than that, especially for passengers.

How high can microlights fly?

Microlights are not permitted to fly higher than 10,000 feet without the use of oxygen. However, most air experience flights and lessons are conducted at 1,500 – 3,000 feet, depending on weather conditions.

Are there any medical requirements?

Before flying solo, a pilot must make an online declaration of medical fitness via the CAA website.

How far can a microlight fly?

Microlights have been flown to Australia and South Africa and have even circumnavigated the world. In a typical 1-hour air experience, however, you would probably go 15-20 miles from the airfield.

What sort of people fly microlights?

Microlighting is for people who enjoy adventures. Learning to fly demands patience and perseverance. You need self-confidence and commitment, but the rewards are enormous. It is not necessary to have prior aviation experience. You don’t have to be a fearless ‘gung-ho’ type. Contrary to some media portrayal, microlighting is not a sport for reckless fools hell-bent on short-lived thrills. Sensible, responsible people between the ages of 17 and 80 fly microlights.

How can I get more information?

Give us a call or come to see us. In addition, the  BMAA website has lots of useful information.